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"The Implementer"

Bars & Production


Killah's brain ticks over constantly, always plotting the next move to do best by the squad, the brains behind DrodianTV, The Drodian Podcast, and an OG in the camp.

Killah's style can be defined as thought provoking with a vast range of beats, dude is a shapeshifter on the mic for real.

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"The General"

Bars & Production


Sneek is another founding father of the Drodians. CEO of the SRE Label (Steady Repping Everyday) & Reagan Era Records affiliate - Hardcore Hip-Hop all day.


Known for his rugged style and hardcore lyrics; Sneek paints a vivid picture of the street life with thought provoking lyricism on grimey beats.


"The Barchitect"

Bars & Production


Another OG in the camp that was there from the start; Irie's beats and rhymes have a spiritual vibe that reflects his personality

With his intricate rhyme schemes and intelligent bars, one listen and you'll realise why he's known as 'The Barchitect'


"The Beat Bastard"

Bars, Production, Mixing & Mastering


Residing in the UK, Nasty has been an in-house producer, lyricist & mastering engineer for the Drodians since 2014, nicknamed 'Jon Snodian tha Beat Bastard' for various reasons. Most tracks pass through here before they're done. 

Nasty is known for his hard gritty beats whether they be old or new school, relentless lyrics & flow, plus mixing/mastering skill.



Bars, Singing & Production


Jiz'Dro aka the real Jizz Jones/Love Jones is a long running member of the camp, specializing in beat production and R&B style vocals.

Jizz is known for his 'take your bitch straight off you' singing style comparable to late 80's/90's R&B act "Boyz 2 Men" and high quality beats.


"Nick Furee"



Furee is another OG from the camp alongside Killah, Sneek & Irie. His style was once described by Nasty like "he puts on a suit of armour, grabs his sword and goes to battle with the mic" LOL

Known for his deep, rough voice, and aggressive bars and style


"Renegade Poetics"

Bars, Production, Mixing & Mastering

Renegade Poetics aka Street Poetics Entertainment is a relatively new addition to the roster but has been affiliated with the Drodians for years.

Known for his dope beats, fresh lyrics and smooth sonics; another key player in the Drodian production team producing tracks such as "Gracy B" by Killahronh.


"King Kong"

Exotic Bars, Production

Papemann aka King Kong is a producer and Artist that resides in the Netherlands. He's been repping with the Drodians since around the time Nasty was scouted.


Known for his Caribbean-style production, rough voice and energetic style on the mic 

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"Kiki Loco"

Morale Support

Sneek's first born, officially the youngest Drodian of all time. 

Known for being smart as hell, super chill, and mean mugging strangers like her pops lmao.


The Hispanic female energy alongside Killahronh. Has the gift of gab and professional songwriting capabilities.


A highly intelligent entity making moves behind the scenes.

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"The Financier"

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