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Real Name: Alizé Montoya

Identity: The Drodian Princess

Origin: West Covina CA

Genre: Hip Hop/Soul/R&B

Years Active: 2015 - Present

Label: Independent

Zodiac: Pisces

Born February 20, 1999 and named after her father’s stage name, protrudes and multiplies her passion for music to fulfill the "Montoya" legacy in the music industry.  Incorporating her flavor, attitude, and insight into a piece of music is her favorite way of expressing herself.  Having always loved writing in school and singing at home opened a door that would allow her to expand her creativity and find a world full of potential she would have to see through.  With her father pursuing hip-hop in a Latin-American vibe, she was exposed to her Puerto Rican and Colombian culture which had a huge impact on the deliverance of her own music. Writing lyrics a cappella and sharing them in order to test her capability would not get her much but scoffs and laughs when she was young.  Now, it is through her ability to create the right melody, fill it with the right words, and project it with the right emotion that she is able to captivate her audience.  It is through her appreciation of all the diverse artists she admires that she produces her own brand.  Finding inspiration from artists like Norah Jones or Tupac and anyone in between.  She extracts the qualities she loves and creates this style of her own.  Rapping, singing, and writing like the ones she considers legendary but all while subtly incorporating her latin style and making it her own.  On top of the many goals that she plans to fulfill, her expression through music lays down the foundation of her individuality that people all over the world will soon know and love.

ALIAS: Zé, Zé Money

ABILITIES: Creating appealing and memorable melodies, lyricist, timing and rhythm, singing and flowing.


ENEMIES: She’ll never care to know.

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