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Real Name: Erin Kim 

Identity:  Recording Artist/Acoustic Guitar King

Origin: Los Angeles/Ktown (California)

Genre: Acoustic/Soul/Hip Hop

Years Active: 1990 - Present

Label: Independent

Zodiac: Gemini

ALIAS: Erin Kim, Ehwhenkeem 

ABILITIES: Master acoustic guitar player, improvisation, songwriting, and catchy vocal melodies. 



  FUZZZY is an acoustic guitar player with soulful vocals infused with interesting Hip Hop and Funk rhythm.  His unique mixture of styles has musicians and artists Dying to work with him.  FUZZZY has been featured on BUZZFEED: "How to be a Kpop star" and was a featured guest at the longest running open mic venue, "Da Poetry Lounge".  He has made multiple appearances on the Drodian Podcast, and a prominent feature on the Drodianism Trilogy.  FUZZZY i also a credited writer for the song: "Exo - She's Dreaming.


ALLIES: Unknown

ENEMIES: Unknown

fuzzzy holding guitar
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