Real Name: Robert Jaime Ramirez

Identity: Recording Artist/Overall Artsy Mufukka

Origin: Cerritos/Buena Park, California

Genre: Hip Hop

Years Active: 97' till Infinity

Label: Independent

PRO/IPI: BMI 1048349451 

Zodiac: Sagittarius

ALIAS: Bobby, Irie, 2012, Bobby Apocalypto, Agent2012, Drodian Spartan

ABILITIES: Wisdom Spit, Concept Guru, King of the "Erreh Erreh", Visual Speaker.  "Paint em sick, my name should probably be Pablo Picasso."  Also the favorite rapper of most baby mamas AND I dabble in beat making as well.

BIO: Uknown

GROUP AFFILIATION: Spartan OCRDrodians, Cali'Dro, Billionaire Bars Club, American Military Veteran.

ALLIES: Anyone Vibrating at the same frequency

ENEMIES: Inconsistency