Real Name: Nickolas Pele Parker

Identity:  Recording Artist

Origin: Georgia

Genre: Hip Hop

Years Active: 1999 - Present

Label: Independent

Gamer Tag: DRODIAN404 (XBOX)

PRO/IPI: BMI 00867372792

Zodiac: Taurus

ALIAS: Optimus Rhymes

ABILITIES: From the shadows of the great city of Atlanta comes NICK FUREE...a child of the golden age of hip hop NICK FUREE brings the essential "real life" elements through his music. NICK FUREE believes that the key to touching people through music is to relate to the people on the surface and to inspire the listeners to dig deep within themselves. As a member of the collective known as the DRODIANS. NICK FUREE brings his introspective style and sharp lyrical talents into the fold. After being a part of numerous other group NICK FUREE has finally found his home and a solid foundation of artists who all share the same lyrical ability and hunger to succeed and make an impact as artist in the arena of  hiphop music. In this next chapter NICK FUREE has transformed into the incomprable OPTIMUZ RHYME......