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Real Name: Bertran Gerard Lucas

Identity:  Drodian VP/Recording Artist

Origin: Los Angeles/Cerritos (USA)

Genre: Hip Hop

Years Active: 1976 - Present

Label: Independent

PRO/IPI: ASCAP 609058350

Zodiac: Libra

ALIAS: Sneek, Rothstein, Stizzle, Doc Do Wrong, Savage

ABILITIES:  Speaking in lyrical rhythmic patterns over various types of musical production.  Crowd controller, clothing designer, and visionary.



Was exposed to gangs, violence and drugs at a young age.  SNEEK had no silver spoon in his mouth. Instead of choosing the right path SNEEK always chose the opposite of right, After moving out of the gang and drug infested city of Lynwood, California SNEEK'S parent's decided there sons needed a better life. 1994 after barely graduating from high school SNEEK was accepted into Langston University in Langston, Oklahoma. No sooner than he arrived he was expelled for gun possession and conspiracy to distribute drugs, after returning back to Cerritos, California SNEEK seriously began writing and perfecting his craft. 1999 the military came knocking and SNEEK decided to answer enlisting in the United States Navy. SNEEK spent time in Yokosuka, Japan and has visited such countries as Australia, Thailand, Singapore and Korea. while aboard the aircraft carrier the U.S.S Kitty. In 2001 with money saved up from military service SNEEK and his older brother purchased studio equipment and thus G.C. Records was born. After a chance meeting with the program director at 100.3 the beat the group name "The Heatroxxx" was adapted. Nov 2004 after contemplating a life or death decisions SNEEK donated a kidney to his older brother and by the grace of GOD SNEEK survived and adapted the"Gift of life theory". In 2009 SNEEK ROTHSTEIN and IRIE 2012 formed the two man crew known as CALI'DRO with input from BLACK C of the bay area group RBL Posse. In 2011 KILLAHRONH and NICK FUREE (OPTIMUZ RHYME) came into the fold completing the DRODIANS.........

GROUP AFFILIATION: Drodians, SRE, Cali'Dro, Kings Syndicate, Reagan Era



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