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URG 7 

Real Name: Gerald J. Parrish

Identity:  Recording Artist, Producer, Ghost Writer, CEO, Co Executive Producer, DJ, Entertainer, and Actor

Origin: Compton, California

Genre: Hip Hop

Years Active:  - Present

Label: Near Sited Entertainment

Zodiac: Virgo

ALIAS: G-Avanni

ABILITIES:  Mastered use of vocals abilities, Mixing, Mastering, Radio Edits, Promotion, and Artists Development.


Gerald J. Parrish aka Urg7 is an American Recording Artist, Actor, Writer, Producer and Entertainer who's list of credits include, but are not limited to various Acting Spots, Ghost Writing, Voice Over Spots

As well as Cameo appearances & Placements. Cop-Rock, Absurd TV, Chevrolet Commercial (National Spot) America's Got Talent, Venom, Gray Movie, Visage Under the Underground, Quantum Leap,The District, Boot Camp, King of Kings, Love jones, As well as producing & writing.  URG 7 currently  has 40 studio albums & about 13 Mix-tapes.

   This Compton native is a juggernaut type of recording artist. Often spending most of his time in his mini Manson recording studio when he's not on the set of a new film project, magazine, radio interview, video set, or performing live which he loves to do.  Keep up & catch up with This artist on all his social networks music available now everywhere digital music is sold.

Search Urg7 The hardest working man in Hip Hop.

GROUP AFFILIATION: Drodians, Fathers in Hip Hop



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